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14 January 2011

Buy Brian Dunning's New Book!

You can buy the new Skeptoid book here!

Pirates, Pyramids, and Papyrus is now available in paperback and e-book formats. With a foreword by Richard Saunders and illustrations by Nathan Bebb, this is the third in my series of books based on selected Skeptoid episodes adapted for print. Pirates, Pyramids, and Papyrus answers some of those questions you always wondered about, such as:

  • Can frogs and fish really fall out of the sky?
  • Is a vast pirate treasure buried in an elaborately engineered Money Pit on an island in Nova Scotia?
  • Did an angel save the British Expeditionary Force from the Germans in WWI?
  • Do the world’s elite secretly govern from the Bohemian Grove?
  • Is the world’s largest ancient pyramid located in Bosnia?
  • Does the Min Min Light actually chase travelers through the Australian outback?

If you have a friend or family member you’ve been wanting to introduce to critical thinking, Pirates, Pyramids and Papyrus may be just the way to do it. I hope you enjoy it. Get it here:

I would really, really appreciate any mentions you could give on blogs, podcasts, etc. Thanks!!

- Brian

You're welcome! That is all.

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