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18 December 2010

Level-Up Your Reading!

Jen at BlagHag pointed me toward this nifty new feature that Google has made available: you can filter your search results by reading level! Following in Jen's august footsteps, let's take a look at some results:


The Winnipeg Skeptics Blog

Startled Disbelief



So apparently my writing isn't as "accessible" as Jen's.

Honestly, though? Reader comments probably factor heavily into these ratings, and mine are sparser than most, so we're pulling from a much smaller sample set. (This assumes that reader comments are accessible to Google's webcrawler; Blogger's are, but BlagHag's Disqus comment system doesn't seem to be. Interesting.)

It's good fun, though! You can find instructions here!


  1. That's odd. My blog is 100% intermediate. I guess my writing style is consistent? Seems like something is odd with the google algorithm to get a result like that.

  2. Hm. That is weird. Apparently this is how they determine reading levels:

    "We paid teachers to classify pages for different reading levels, and then took their classifications to build a statistical model. With this model, we can compare the words on any webpage with the words in the model to classify reading levels. We also use data from Google Scholar, since most of the articles in Scholar are advanced."