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22 November 2010

The Edge

The Skeptologists, a pilot project by Brian Dunning and Ryan Johnson that involves skeptical investigations into paranormal claims (the light-side version of Ghost Hunters), has become The Edge, and is being retooled as a proposal for PBS.

If you're a teacher or part of a skeptical student group, Steven Novella and Pamela Gay would like your help:

[I]f you are a teacher and you would use content like The Edge – essentially scientists exploring critical thinking and the evidence as it pertains to specific claims – then send an e-mail to Pamela Gay ( with a letter, addressed to her and Brian Dunning, that says you would use the content in your class.


Anyone with a science/skeptical student’s group or other organization can also e-mail a letter saying they would use the content.

There is a good chance we can get some hard hitting skepticism in the mainstream media, but we have to use the strength of our community to make it happy. So thanks ahead of time for your help.

Go to it!

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