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10 January 2013

SkeptiCamp Winnipeg 2012: How to Run 100 Miles

On Saturday, 29 September 2012, the Winnipeg Skeptics held their third annual SkeptiCamp event. SkeptiCamp Winnipeg is a conference for the sharing of ideas. It is free and open to the public: anyone can attend and participate! Presentations and discussions focus on science and free inquiry, and the audience is encouraged to challenge presenters to defend their ideas.

Scott Burton is a professional motivational speaker and corporate entertainer. His hobby is participating in ultramarathons (races longer than 42.2 kilometres) while continually testing his abilities. Scott believes that we can all benefit from reaching for big goals and challenging our self-limiting beliefs.

SkeptiCamp is an open conference celebrating science and critical thinking. For more information please visit

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