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12 December 2011

News Items, etc.

Between preparing my TEDxManitoba talk, participating in this new podcast venture, and a host of work- and family-related activities, it's been a busy few weeks for me. All the same, there are a few quick items I'd like to mention.

As the podcast finds its feet, you'll probably see a little less of me, because I'll be saving some of what I would normally say here for when we're on-air. I'll still be linking all of the episodes here (and on the Winnipeg Skeptics blog), and I'll pop up with some extra commentary from time to time as well.

Jeff Olsson of the Humanist Association of Manitoba and I were interviewed via email by a staff writer for the Christian Post this afternoon. We were asked for our thoughts on the subject of the Youth for Christ centre that was recently built in downtown Winnipeg (and billed mostly to taxpayers, I might add). I don't know what to expect from the editing of the piece, but once it goes live I'll share the full text of the interview with you here.

Also, Michael Kruse of Skeptic North recently provided the readers there with an excellent summary of a recent systematic review of the evidence linking cell phones and cancer. Spoiler alert: there isn't any.

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