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30 September 2011

Happy Blasphemy Day!

Happy Blasphemy Day, everyone! Today is the day that we attempt to educate the public about the importance of freedom of expression, even opinions that may prove offensive to religious people.

If my speech offends you, that does not grant you the right to threaten or murder me. However, Section 296 of Canada's Criminal Code does prohibit Blasphemous Libel, so I encourage you to pursue that avenue of oppression if you so choose.

1 comment:

  1. Believe it or not I received a legal letter from the Montreal law firm Stikeman Elliott yesterday accusing me of the crime of blasphemous libel for speaking openly about Unitarian Universalist ministers who are guilty of rape and/or pedophilia. . . That makes about as much sense as The Vatican accusing someone of blasphemous libel for speaking openly about rape and pedophilia committed by Roman Catholic priests.