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19 July 2011

Placebo Medicine

Dr. Novella has an excellent post up at Neurologica about the placebo effect and its use in medicine. I recommend it highly.


  1. Placebo effect in drugs and even in unorthodox practices are in constant debates and heated discussions in health forums. I like how Dr. Novella summed up his argument- "any component of the placebo effect worth having you can get from science-based medicine. Pseudoscientific rituals are not necessary – and they come with added risk of promoting pseudoscientific beliefs in health care."

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  2. It's startling though how many people claim to have found cure for certain diseases using medicine that doesn't help at all, leading to purchases of prescription drugs and marketing them in a different way.

  3. The placebo effect is no different from positive use of psychology to make the patient think his/her condition is better than it really is. With that said, I have no qualms against placebo.

  4. Thanks a lot for the heads up. I wouldn't have found that post if you didn't share it, and I'm glad you did because it's very informative.

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  5. Placebo medicine is great as long as you do not take it as alternative to professional medical advice.

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  6. Some medicines really do have placebo effects. This is true if you inculcate in the mind of your patient that the medicine works wonderfully.