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10 March 2011

The Ghost of Carl Sagan

Image credit: me.
I've mentioned Ghost Carl Sagan briefly before (when I told some ghost stories, and again in my incredibly long-winded talk to the Humanist Association of Manitoba), but until today I was completely unaware of this short article in The Onion:

Appearing as a hovering, wraith-like vision above the Cornell University Physics Building where he taught for years, the ghost of recently deceased astronomer/author Carl Sagan warned former colleagues Monday against a belief in superstition. "Exercise skepticism!" Sagan said, clanking a large metal chain. "Whenever possible, there must be independent confirmation of all facts pertaining to any so-called 'magical' or 'mystical' event or phenomenon!"

Hat tip to Dustin Hildebrandt.

Edit: As the previous Ghost Sagan picture was rife with compression artefacts, I replaced it with a much nicer PNG version, above. You can find the original here.


  1. I've started following your blog after stumbling upon it yesterday. I was searching "dirty electricty" after getting a ludicrous warning from a friend about the dangers of CFL bulbs. I like the way you've got your blog set up and I'd love some advice on mine if you don't mind.