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15 November 2010

Opus Dei is after your computer!

Stuff like this? This is why skepticism is important.

Most of the time, I’d argue it’s pretty much a scam to pay someone to remove viruses from your PC anyway: if you have a Mac, it’s a non-issue, and there’s enough free virus scanners out there that there’s no real reason to pay.

Still, if you were going to pay someone to remove viruses from your computer, how much would it be worth to you? Fifty bucks? One hundred bucks? But surely no one sane would you pay twenty million bucks, right?

Wrong. Since 2004, composer Roger Davidson has been paying Datalink Computer Products owner Vickram Bedi and employee Helga Ivarsdottir to keep his computer clear of viruses.


Apparently, these viruses were not only so powerful as to damage machines in the repair shop that were simply in the vicinity of Davidson’s PC, but that the virus was born on a hard drive in a remote village of Honduras, created as part of a plot to infiltrate the United States government by Polish priests linked to Opus Dei. Worse? Davidson’s life was in danger.

Tip o' the insane international conspiracy to Shunjie Lau.

1 comment:

  1. I lol'd. Maybe I should forget programming and go into IT? At that price, you can't lose!