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26 October 2010

SkeptiCamp Feedback

We solicited feedback from participants at SkeptiCamp, and here's what they had to say!

The feedback cards asked participants to rank various aspects of SkeptiCamp Winnipeg from 1–5. Of the roughly thirty participants, we received eight completed cards. I've summarised the results below, including numeric mean and median scores and a verbal interpretation of the median (my preferred form of average, as it is resistant to outliers, and also the second most likely—behind mode—to be an integer).

Please bear in mind that our sample is self-selected.

How was the conference as a whole?MeanMedianVerbal
Did you enjoy yourself?55Yes
Did you learn anything?4.755Yes
Were the breaks adequate?33Maybe
Was the conference too long?22Not Really
Were you able to participate?4.635Yes
Would you attend in the future?55Yes
Would you recommend SkeptiCamp?4.885Yes

How was the venue?MeanMedianVerbal
Was it comfortable?4.54.5Mostly
Was it clean?4.885Yes
Was it large enough?3.383Maybe

How were the presentations?MeanMedianVerbal
Were the talks interesting?4.885Yes
Did they encourage discussion?4.635Yes
Were the topics varied?4.885Yes
Were the talks easy to follow?4.635Yes
Was the atmosphere friendly?55Yes
Would you consider presenting?55Yes

What was your favourite topic?
Nutritional Facts and Fallacies
The Ethics of Belief
The Ethics of Belief
Why Vaccinations are So Important
Homosexuality and the LDS Church
Homosexuality and the LDS Church

What topic do you wish had been covered?
The Bible/Creationism
Deciphering Media

Do you have any complaints, suggestions, or other feedback?
"More, possibly shorter breaks to stand and stretch."
"Thank you!"
"Parking was an issue. Thank you for organizing!"
"No complaints. This was wonderful. Thanks."
"Themes which would tie together presentation."
"Wonderful! I love to learn and I learned a lot. Thanks!"


  1. It looks like it was a clear success then.

  2. I'm sorry I missed it! Looking forward to seeing the videos when they're posted. Do the Winnipeg Skeptics have a YouTube channel?

  3. Not as of yet, no. Scott, our resident media wizard, posted the promo on his YouTube channel. I'd imagine we'll get a channel set up for this, and I'll be sure to post the videos here as Scott finishes editing them.