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25 October 2010

Actually yes. Yes they can.

"200,000 Canadians Can't Be Wrong!"

If you think that this is actually true, then you are actually a complete and total imbecile. This is the argumentum ad populum, and the fact that Q-Ray uses it means that either: (a) they are knowingly misleading you, in which case they are liars; or (b) they are unwittingly misleading you, in which case they are fools.

In either case, I would humbly recommend that you not buy their bogus products.

If they had actual evidence on their side, they would not be relying on fallacious arguments. Then again, they could just be idiots.

If you think that the appeal to numbers should be a persuasive argument, then I would respond with "940,000,000 Hindus Can't Be Wrong!"

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