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23 June 2010

Vote "Beard"!

I'm going to join with P.Z. Myers and Big Dave in putting my beard on the line.

If you're interested in donating at least £2 (roughly $3), you can have a voice. If you want P.Z. and Dave to lose their beards or if you think beard-toting is the way to go, let them know. I figure that there's no harm going along for the ride, even if it may make me less trustworthy. It is for charity, after all.

I have no notion that I will have nearly the impact that Myers does, but I'm sure that my wife and some of my friends might decide that they have a vested interest in the outcome. If, by democratic vote, I have to lose the beard, then so be it. I suppose that my profile picture will have to change, as well.

Tip o' the follicle to Pharyngula.

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